Online Therapy in Basingstoke

I offer both online therapy and therapy in Basingstoke including CBT. I am a big believer in online therapy and it’s now easier for many due to the increase in days we are able to work from home. I’ve found this has proved helpful for those commuting long distances as online appointments are easier to incorporate into their lives – both on at-home days and commuting days.

There are times though where in-person sessions can be more beneficial than online therapy, for example with high levels of suicidal ideation. Likewise there are times when online therapy can be more helpful! For some, a hybrid approach works best. For example, I understand that some like to meet me first before moving to online therapy sessions. This would not be a problem. I put aside one clinic appointments in Basingstoke each week just for new clients wishing this.

To help the online therapy experience, I use a strong, stable internet connection (I have two internet connections – fibre and satellite – just in case one is having an off day!). I also use Zoom, a highly secure platform that only requires you to click a link in an email to join the appointment. I am always happy to talk with you too if you have any computer concerns, and my phone is beside me at the start of each appointment so if you have problems logging in, I will see you calling me.